1. Robin stopped in for a nostril piercing.

    She was looking at our selection of gold ends and fell in love with this gorgeous BVLA piece.

    The Mini Paloma: 14k yellow gold with an itty bitty 1.5mm CZ accent.

    Great choice, Robin. It looks wonderful on you. 

  2. Our wonderful client had her triangle pierced by Cody a little over five months ago. She has healed wonderfully and stopped in for a gorgeous upgrade to her 10g circular barbell. 

    This lovely black opal cluster from anatometal is the perfect addition for her piercing. 


  3. resilientbastard97 said: Where can I buy your jewelry?!

    Here in our studio, or we can ship, or we can try to refer you to an awesome shop where you live :)

  4. Haley stopped in for a conch piercing.

    She chose this lovely 14k white gold feather from BVLA.

    A perfect fit. Great choice, Haley. Thanks a bunch. 

  5. Happy to report that our BVLA order arrived today, and it’s already moving quick.

    Here’s a little peak at just a few of the lovely pieces we got in stock.

    Rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, genuine sapphires, diamonds, mystic topaz, marcasite, feathers, keys, tri-bead clusters, septum clickers…. You get the idea.

    Come on by this weekend and treat yourself to a new and exquisite piece of jewelry. 


  6. ittiswhatittis said: So can I buy some of your beautiful jewelry online??

    Of course. Just email us with what you want, or give us a call  :)

  7. Very excited that our BVLA gold jewelry order is due to arrive tomorrow! 

    We have some really exquisite pieces coming in. New items never before available in Monterey. Be sure to drop in and get first dibs. 

    As for today, we are dying to put this gorgeous BVLA flower into some awesome clients tragus, helix, conch or philtrum. 

    14k rose gold with genuine pearls. 

    Any takers?

  8. Nancy saw the picture we had posted of our latest cluster order and quickly called and picked out which one she had to have. 

    A couple days later she drove out to Monterey and got her helix pierced with a classy all CZ anatometal cluster. 

    Thanks so much, Nancy!

  9. Darlene stopped in to treat herself to something fancy for her birthday.

    She decided on a tragus piercing and picked out a lovely anatometal cluster.

    Champagne and CZ Swarovski gem stones hand set in implant grade titanium.

    Such a gorgeous looking piece in a tragus piercing.

    Thank you, Darlene! We hope you had an awesome birthday. 

  10. Our favorite season of the year is approaching! 

    Soon it’ll be Autumn, and even though the leaves aren’t changing colors yet, the coffee shops are making pumpkin drinks and we get to fill the studio with pumpkins, so that’s good enough for us. 

    Why not treat yourself to some jewelry to go along with the season? 

    Champagne, Brown CZ, Citrine? 

    They all look great alone or together.