1. These clusters from anatometal are one of our favorites. We call them the ninja star clusters…. Because we don’t know what else to call them….

    Jane had Adam do this lovely conch piercing, and the end result looks fantastic. 

    Thank you, Jane!


  2. Lynda came in and had Cody give her a new helix piercing. 

    The champagne stones are one of our favorites, and you can never go wrong with these five stone clusters. 

    We still have a few left, come stop by and take a look. 


  3. We absolutely love daith piercings. 

    Adam did this lovely piercing for Natalie, and the light blue opal and CZ stones in this anatometal cluster fit perfectly inside of her ear. 

    Thank you, Natalie.


  4. Kathryn stopped in for a helix piercing. We just love the look of these straight clusters we got in from ANATOMETAL. 

    Thank you, Kathryn! 


  5. Cody pierced Darlene’s tragus a month ago. 

    She stopped in to pick out a new end and chose this beautiful rose cluster from BVLA.

    14k white gold with genuine sapphire’s and a genuine aquamarine. 

    Such a lovely look. Thank you, Darlene!

  6. Macy stopped in for a piercing and asked for help in choosing what to get. 

    She has an awesome ridge on the top of her ear that allowed us room not only for a unique piercing, but also the shape and space needed for this anatometal cluster to comfortably fit and flow with her anatomy. 

    Thanks so much for letting us do this fun piercing, Macy!


  7. b0h0bella said: I am absolutely in love with Vaughn jewelry, but I currently live in Florida. Is there any way I can order jewelry from you?

    We’re happy to ship you jewelry, or you can look for a quality studio closer to you by visiting find.safepiercing.org 


  8. Lupe stopped in for a nostril piercing. 

    She chose this lovely 14k yellow gold bead cluster from BVLA.

    It looks great on you, Lupe. Thanks so much!


  9. Yesterday was a blast! So many awesome clients, and such lovely choices for jewelry. 

    To top off a wonderful Friday, Cody’s last piercings of the night were matching best friend daith piercings on Lindsey and Decerry. 

    They both chose the ever gorgeous Latchmi’s from BVLA, one in solid rose gold and one in solid yellow gold. 

    Thank you two so much!


  10. wallflowerw0lf said: I've been wanting to get my nose pierced for some time now but my mom keeps on telling me horror stories about it leaving a huge ugly scar if I ever take it out. Is that true? I know it'll leave some kind of scar but will it be that bad? Also could you give me some pros and cons? Thank you!

    The scarring is typically pretty minimal as nostril piercings are usually done with an 18g needle, which is pretty darn small. 

    Everybody scars differently of course, but usually a retired nostril piercing is not going to leave anything to large or noticeable behind. 

    Pros: They look awesome and there are so many jewelry options

    Cons: None